Owner of Innovative Labor and Cleaning Services Troy Parker is interviewed by the Entrepreneur.com.

Three hundred miles away in Cincinnati, Ohio, Troy Parker has been scrambling to make sure that his 60 employees are getting enough to eat. After Parker was released from prison in 2015, he founded Innovative Labor and Cleaning Services with the intention of hiring people who need the work most. “My goal was to remove the issues that keep people out of the workforce,” he says. “In the lower income community, there’s people who have mental health issues, but they can still work. People have convictions and struggle with addiction, but they can still work. So my thing was to map out how to take these obstacles away. If you don’t have transportation, we provided it. If you don’t have boots to start working, we’d give you the boots and take it out of your first check. Most people who return from prison or come out of rehab have mental health appointments, substance abuse appointments, probation appointments. So we make the schedule flexible.”