Restaurant Staffing

People love going to restaurants because they get a chance to sit down, relax, unwind, and let someone else take care of serving them, cooking their meal, and providing an excellent experience out of the house.

Unfortunately, the setting isn’t quite as laid-back on the other side of things, as restaurant staff is always working hard to deliver a great experience to their guests. Often, this leads to burnout and fatigue, the effects of which are greatly accelerated if you’re operating with anything less than a full staff.

If you have open positions at your restaurant and the remaining staff is bearing the brunt, you need a solution and you need it fast. That’s where Innovative Labor & Staffing Agency comes in.

What is a restaurant staffing agency?

A restaurant staffing agency identifies and hires top-tier talent with proven experience and abilities related to the restaurant industry. From hosts to servers to cooks and bussers, there are often candidates available for every position a restaurant needs to deliver excellent service to their patrons.

The goal of the staffing agency is to provide a fast and effective solution to restaurants that are facing difficulties with staffing. By helping fill openings and buff coverage, a restaurant is able to deliver the best customer experience possible.

What is our staffing process for restaurants?

Innovative Labor & Staffing Agency subject candidates to a rigorous round of screening to determine who is an excellent candidate and who only looks good on paper. First, the candidate’s resume must include restaurant-related experience so you, as a client, can be sure the candidate has the proven ability to work in the unique environment of a restaurant.

Next, the candidates are interviewed, and their references are checked to ensure their performance at previous jobs is as impressive as their resume. The agency looks for standout characteristics including a friendly demeanor, professionalism, poise under pressure, and other traits that will translate to success in a restaurant setting.

What are some benefits to using our staffing agency for restaurants?

When your restaurant is busy and you’re understaffed, it’s hard to find the time to run point on an extensive hiring process. However, it’s also unsustainable to let your remaining workers run themselves ragged “picking up the slack” while you hope the cavalry comes soon.

Working with an agency solves this problem by providing great candidates in record time. Instead of anyone having to stay past shift or pick up extra ones to cover the gaps, you get brand new people who are ready to work.

You get a fast solution to the problem, show your team that you are there to support them, and guarantee you remain able to deliver an exceptional guest experience at your restaurant, all by making a simple call to the staffing agency.

Why would restaurants use a staffing center?

Staffing agencies provide viable solutions in record time. With a full team, or even a little extra coverage if your operational could support it, helps ensure every customer is well-cared for, standards are met or exceeded in every transaction, and you begin to earn a reputation as one of the best restaurants in town.

If you are in the greater Cincinnati, OH area including Fairfield, Mason, and West Chester, contact us here at Innovative Labor & Staffing Agency at 513-818-8008 or today to find out more.