Construction Company Staffing

Construction is a deadline-driven business. It’s not always easy to meet those deadlines when you’re operating with less than a full staff. Employees may leave for personal or medical reasons. Even if the circumstances are legitimate, it still places an undue burden on your remaining staff, challenging everyone to work extra hard to keep the project on track.

That’s where Innovative Labor and Cleaning Services comes in.

What is a construction company staffing agency?

Innovative Labor and Cleaning Services is a staffing agency that provides temporary or full-time labor for construction companies. Instead of the construction company going through the lengthy process of creating and posting a job description, reviewing applicants, interviewing, checking references, and hopefully finding a suitable one to make an offer to, Innovative Labor and Cleaning Services brings in top-tier talent without the time cost or hassle.

Staffing agencies oversee and execute the hiring and recruiting process from start to finish, including onboarding and payroll, so that your construction company can stay focused on the job.

What is our staffing process for construction companies?

Construction projects are about more than just skill sets. It’s about personalities and good attitudes too.

Not only do candidates from Innovative Labor and Cleaning Services come with the necessary skills to perform at a highly level in the multifarious roles associated with construction work, but they also exhibit a “can do” attitude that makes then blend in seamlessly with the team.

What are some benefits to using our staffing agency for construction companies?

There are many benefits to trusting a staffing agency like Innovative Labor and Cleaning Services to staff your construction company. Whether you have open positions to fill or simply need extra padding to make sure you meet the deadlines with ease, Innovative Labor and Cleaning Services has you covered.

First, they take care of all legwork from getting the job posted to getting the position filled. Innovative Labor and Cleaning Services screens and interviews all qualified candidates to only recommend and provide the best ones to your construction company.

Beyond making the process a cinch, using a staffing agency also mitigates risk. Since the hires will be officially employed by Innovative Labor and Cleaning Services, you are welcome to replace them if they are not a good fit without fear of repercussion from the employee, the Union, or the EEOC.

Why would construction companies use a staffing center?

If you need great help in a pinch, trusting a staffing center is an excellent way to get the job done without losing time or subjecting yourself to unnecessary hassles or headaches. Innovative Labor and Cleaning Services provides quality candidates with no effort on your end.

Plus, bringing in staff from a staffing center also reduces the need for overtime pay. Overall, it will improve employee morale, help you hit the mark on that deadline, and put more cash in your pockets in the long term.

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