Healthcare Staffing

Healthcare is a difficult industry. It’s hard to find good help, and it’s hard to keep good help when every day pushes your workers to the brink. Between unique patient care needs, administrative work, follow through on lab work and results, and general run-of-the-mill cleaning and organization, it can be difficult for a small staff to stay on top of.

That’s where Innovative Labor and Cleaning Services comes in.

What is a healthcare staffing agency?

A healthcare staffing agency provides quality candidates to support the core staff of a healthcare establishment. Temps are often not medical practitioners, but they are ready and able to execute all other essential tasks to keeping the operation running smoothly.

This might include office and administrative functions, patient intake and customer service, making interdepartmental deliveries to core staff, or even performing janitorial tasks to ensure the facility is clean and sanitary.

What are some benefits to using our staffing agency for hospitals?

Time is a commodity. Instead of excusing yourself from daily essential tasks to create an appropriate job description, post it, review applicants, conduct interviews, screen candidates, check references, and at long last reach out to make a firm offer, leave it to the recruiting pros at Innovative Labor and Cleaning Services.

Innovative Labor and Cleaning Services ensures you receive only quality candidates who will thrive in the healthcare environment, adding immediate value to your operation by supporting your team and completing crucial tasks.

They handle all the logistics, from soup to nuts, so you can focus on the big picture.

Why would hospitals use a staffing center?

A staffing center like Innovative Labor and Cleaning Services provides great candidates quickly. Instead of waiting weeks or months hoping for the right fit to walk through the door, Innovative Labor and Cleaning Services provides workers immediately to fill openings or pad coverage as needed.

Not only do you get high-quality workers to perform any of many functions at your healthcare facility, but you also get to try them out risk-free first. If any worker from the staffing center does not gel with your team or your establishment, simply notify Innovative Labor and Cleaning Services and they’ll replace them no problem.

Since the workers are employed by Innovative Labor and Cleaning Services, you have the freedom to try out someone new in the position without fear of repercussions like wrongful termination suits or EEOC complaints.

If you are in the greater Cincinnati, OH area including Fairfield, Mason, and West Chester, contact us at 513-818-8008 or today.

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