It takes the right kind of candidate to thrive in the retail environment.


A candidate needs to think and act fast on the sales floor. Whether it’s in identifying a customer’s needs, engaging them in a friendly manner, closing a big sale, or simply executing the transaction using POS technology, they’ll need a comprehensive array of skills catered to the position to succeed.


All this and loads of patience and finesse, as dealing with the general public is not always easy and will send the wrong candidates flying out the door fast.


You need workers with a proven track record in a retail setting. You need Innovative Labor & Staffing Agency.


Temporary Staffing Solutions


Hiring temporary staff for your retail operation is an excellent move.


For one, you will get immediate coverage whenever an open position presents itself. This is crucial, as you need your sales floor team in full force, as well as your stock and cashiering staff, to manage volume.


Imagine a busy day during the peak shopping season. You have just lost two great employees for various reasons, but business is booming. You’ve asked your best workers to stay and collect overtime, and they begrudgingly agreed, but they are human, and they have limits.


What is really happening on the sales floor?


Your tired workers are doing their best to engage, but the quality of the interactions are decreasing and resulting sales are going down. Many customers are coming in and leaving before they receive help, walking out the door with their money in their pockets still.


Imagine lines at the registers because you don’t have an adequate number of cashiers. Imagine empty shelves and racks because your remaining team could only restock so many areas at once.


All of this hurts sales, and all of this can be avoided.


Temporary Staff for Padding During Peak Season


Perhaps you never lost any good workers, but the increase of shopping activity during a peak season is keeping everyone aboard flying from one customer to the next with little downtime to collect themselves.


Pushing your workers to manage the increased volume is a slippery slope. The more fatigue you allow them to experience, the more the quality of their interactions will slip and the lower the conversion rate for sales.


Think about the cashiers as well, struggling to serve each customer with a smile and some friendly banter. It’s not easy to enjoy small talk with a customer when there are several waiting behind them, yet it’s imperative to maintain a pleasant shopping experience for all.


It’s a conundrum, but there is a solution.


Let Innovative Labor & Staffing Agency provide temporary staff to pad your coverage so that all hands-on deck will include just a few more. This alleviates some of the strain your workers will find themselves experiencing and help them give their best in return.


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