It’s a manager’s dream to have everything working as it should. Imagine a scenario where everyone came to work on time, did their job, and no problems presented themselves for a whole day. Doesn’t that sound delightful?

For most warehouses, this is a dream, but not a reality. Little problems arise constantly, and the staff is rarely present in full force. Personal matters, medical reasons, vacations, and more contribute to losing labor and hurting productivity.

It seems there’s always something to work through keeping you and your team away from your best.

One Thing at a Time

You’ll probably never get everything under control completely. There will always be issues with inventory, supply chain, mechanical failures, and other small breakdowns in the work process.

If you’re trying to optimize the operation, however, you’ll need to fix things one at a time to get things as close to perfect as possible. Why not start with the staff?

After all, running a great warehouse relies on the efforts of your team. From picking to planning, you need all hands on deck to get everything in order at a reasonable pace. It all starts with having every position filled, everyone at work, and the right people for the job on the job.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? If only.

It Could Be Easy

Why couldn’t it be easy though?

Start by staffing your warehouse and ensuring every position is filled. If you have struggled meeting performance metrics previously, consider buffing coverage a little as well. Once you’ve determined how much coverage is needed, all you must do is make a single phone call.

Calling Innovative Labor & Staffing Agency gives you quick access to high-quality talent. Instead of going the traditional route and hoping for good candidates to apply, get the best candidates come straight to you.

The agency has already vetted the best and they’re available now. They’re pre-qualified, onboarded by the agency’s HR and Payroll departments, and have applicable skills and experience.

In short, they are ready to walk through the door and get to work with minimal onboarding and training.

The Effect of a Full Staff

Remember those little snafus we spoke on regarding the supply chain and other warehouse operations?

Watch how few seem to pop up once you have a full staff in full swing on the warehouse floor. Your permanent staff feels supported, so now they are guaranteed to give you their best. Meanwhile, the temps from Innovative Labor & Staffing Agency are adding a ton of value to the operation, pushing performance and getting results.

The work environment becomes healthier as a result, prioritizes productivity and performance, and those results are translated into a superior product or service to your clients and customers.

We wouldn’t be surprised if you posted your biggest numbers once you get a full staff at your disposal.

Call Now

Don’t sit back and daydream when this scenario could be your reality. Call Innovative Labor & Staffing Agency now and find out more!