Keeping up with the rigorous demands of a high production manufacturing facility is a challenge as is, but it’s made even more challenging when you’re working with anything less than a full staff.

Yet, it’s an all-too-common scenario in the workplace. Workers need time off for family, personal, or medical reasons. Some never return, moving onto greener pastures or simply outgrowing the job or industry.

Whatever leads your workers out the door, it’s your job to bring new ones in their place. Sometimes it’s a temporary replacement, but at times you’ll need a permanent hire to fill the open spot.

How do you hire the right candidate? It’s not as easy as it seems.

Find the Right Candidate

Hiring is a detailed process. First, you need to create a job description that adequately outlines everything you’ll need from the new hire. From the most cursory functions of the job to the most intensive, it must be written officially so there is no room for interpretation.

From there, you’ll need to post the description, review applications, interview potential candidates, and check references. Each one of these essential steps will take loads of time from your already busy schedule.

On the one hand, you retain sole say over which candidate is brought in to fill the opening. On the other hand, that time might be better used performing your existing job duties so other essential tasks don’t fall by the wayside.

Luckily, there are ways to outsource this time intensive process by hiring a high-quality agency to oversee all aspects of the hiring process.

Hire a Temp Agency

If you’d rather fast-track the process and get back to the things that matter at your manufacturing facility, trust a high-quality agency like Innovative Labor & Staffing Agency.

Agencies have qualified candidates ready for immediate hire, eliminating the need to go through each painstaking step as outlined above. Instead of working endlessly in pursuit of that ever-elusive perfect candidate, get someone skilled and experienced through the door tomorrow.

It gets better.

Hiring through the agency also eliminates the need to onboard the new employee, administer payroll and benefits, or conduct mandatory training. Everything required is done ahead of time, handled by the agency.

That means your new worker is ready to get to work on day one. What could be better than that?

Try It Now!

Hiring the wrong candidate often leaves the hiring manager in a predicament. Sticking it out with the dreg hurts your team and productivity but letting them go opens up the organization to wrongful termination suits and EEOC complaints.

Hiring through an excellent agency like Innovative Labor & Staffing Agency eliminates that possibility entirely. Bring in temps immediately and, if they don’t work out, cut them loose without fear of repercussion.

What do you have to lose?

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