If you manage a warehouse, you’ve probably had to work with a skeleton crew on more than one occasion. It happens; employees need time off for personal and medical reasons all the time. That’s life.


While the occasional absence disrupts productivity and often forces others, sometimes even you as the manager, to chip in and pick up the slack, excessive absenteeism is a serious problem. Even worse, employees who leave for better opportunities, quit unexpectedly, or receive a promotion for a position outside the warehouse leave behind an open position.


Without hiring a replacement, everyone will have to go that extra mile “until further notice” and, while the overtime is nice at first, it won’t be long before morale, and productivity, suffers.


The Hassle of Hiring


So, you’re stuck trying to keep the workers working, meeting corporate and customer demands, and now you’re tasked with hiring on top of it? Who has the time?


Hiring should be as simple as calling in an applicant and shaking their hand, but we all know this is rarely the case. In reality, hiring is an intensive process that takes a considerable amount of time and resources to do right.


As if you don’t already have enough to do, you’ll have to create a thorough and accurate job description, a tall order if you and no one else on staff truly knew all of the things the employee once handled, then post it, wait for applications to come in, review them, screen them, contact them, interview them, check their references, and after all of that is said and done, only then may you feel confident in making a firm offer.


This process could take weeks or months, leaving you short staffed and struggling to keep up with productivity standards. Before long, corporate starts looking at you and your team sideways as if good help is easy to find.


Innovative Labor & Staffing Agency is the Answer


Hiring through a high quality agency like Innovative Labor & Staffing Agency is the quick and easy solution to both your short term and long term issues.


One call to their agency and you’ll be sent a high quality candidate who can cover the spread and ease the burden, so you and your team aren’t suffering while you wait to get through the intensive hiring process.


While you focus your energy and attention on making an excellent hire, the work will get done and the team will appreciate the support you as management have provided for them. It’s an easy win-win.


But that’s not all. Innovative Labor & Staffing Agency offers a long term solution, as long term coverage and permanent hiring of full-time warehouse workers is always on the table. Forget about the hiring process altogether and leave it to the pros at Innovative Labor & Staffing Agency.


If you’re ready to take the first step toward solving your staffing problems, reach out to Innovative Labor & Staffing Agency today and find out more. Your one-stop shop for staffing solutions is just a phone call away!