Anyone who’s worked in the restaurant industry knows that it is not for the faint of heart. Folks that sign up to serve hungry patrons must be tough as nails to cope with the high volume, high stress, busy work environment where patrons at times feel entitled to be less than kind when things aren’t going their way.

Thus, managers are often stuck dealing with a high churn rate and a metaphorical revolving door of employees coming in and going out almost just as fast.

What can they do to keep servers on the floor, cooks in the kitchen, and business moving forward at all times?

Innovative Labor & Staffing Agency

The quick answer– temporary staffing services! Innovative Labor & Staffing Agency provides staffing solutions in a pinch that will keep the business booming and operations moving smoothly.

Whether you’re facing an unprecedented surge in business, a high-volume season, or simply managing the loss of one or a few great workers that recently resigned, temporary staffing with Innovative Labor & Staffing Agency helps you stay on top of everything.


Benefits of Temporary Staffing

There are a number of benefits associated with temporary staffing.

For one, you get immediate coverage. If someone just walked off the shift and your crew is looking at you like they just know you’re going to ask them for OT all week (or all month!), prove them wrong by getting in another worker ASAP.

In addition, the temps at Innovative Labor & Staffing Agency are highly trained and skilled. They know restaurants through and through and have ample experience that will allow them to provide immediate value to your restaurant.

Thirdly, you don’t have to onboard them with any mandatory state compliance requisites, tax information, benefits administration, and more onboarding headaches that make a new hire a lengthy process. Innovative Labor & Staffing Agency is their true employer, and so these essentials are taken care of before they even walk through the door for the first shift.

Lastly, and possibly most importantly, it lets your team know that you’re not going to squeeze them because someone else bailed on you. We love our loyal, hard-working core staff members, and they deserve to have days off and reasonable shift lengths just like the rest of us. Getting in a temp to manage the coverage helps let them know you appreciate their contribution, and that you won’t demand more just because you’re short-staffed.

Cons of Temporary Staffing

The benefits of temporary staffing in restaurants far outweigh the drawbacks, but there are some things to keep in mind.

For one, they won’t immediately arrive with intimate knowledge of your menu, policies, procedures, and other nuances that make your business unique. However, this will be absorbed before long, and their existing restaurant skills and abilities will more than make up for this one tiny setback.

In addition, temps are just that. They’ll add immediate value to your establishment, but it will still be prudent to undergo the process to identify, onboard, and officially hire the permanent replacements.

That said, Innovative Labor & Staffing Agency’s temps are some of if not the best there are in the industry. Whether you’re working through your hiring process or managing high volume seasons, they’ll add incredible value from start to finish.

Call today and find out for yourself!