The restaurant industry is always challenging. Diners often have access to a wealth of options, including simply staying home to cook or order delivery. For this reason, it’s crucial to capitalize on the hospitality aspect of your restaurant and ensure your patrons are well-cared for each time they visit.

This is exceedingly difficult to deliver on if you’re operating with anything less than a full staff. A full dining room requires all hands on deck to ensure the guests are served and given adequate attention at all times. Meanwhile, it’s up to your staff to facilitate the dining experience so the guests, once served, are paying their bills and freeing up the tables before you begin telling newcomers to expect an hour wait or longer.


How do you manage to keep the operation going smoothly at less than full capacity?


Hire the Coverage You Need


It’s a trick question; you don’t succeed without the staff in place to meet customer demand. Sure, you might be able to enjoy some short-term results by asking your best servers to stay past their shift, come in for a sixth day, or swap roles because your host or line cook called out yet again, but at what cost?


The overtime and added responsibility is nice at first, but it’s often not long before you begin rubbing your staff the wrong way by impeding on their personal lives. Instead of asking your remaining workers to “go the extra mile” each day, hire the coverage you need by working with a high-quality agency like Innovative Labor & Staffing Agency.


The Benefits of Hiring Through an Agency


The traditional route of hiring takes too long. Hiring through an agency dispenses with the need to create a job description, list it, wait for applicants, screen them, interview them, check references– the list goes on and on and on.


Working with an agency provides a shortcut straight to the finish line, providing you with one or more full-time workers for your front-of-house staff, service staff, kitchen staff, and more. Candidates from Innovative Labor & Staffing Agency boast applicable experience in the restaurant experience. They’re accustomed to the specialized demands the industry requires of its workers, and they’re ready to rise to the challenge with a smile.


Try It Risk-Free


One of the biggest perks of hiring through an agency– reduced risk.


Hiring permanent workers requires extensive onboarding and, if the worker is not a good fit, you leave yourself open to wrongful termination suits, EEOC complaints, and other unwanted headaches by parting ways prematurely.


Hiring through an agency ameliorates this risk because, although the temp might not be a good fit for your organization, they will remain gainfully employed with Innovative Labor & Staffing Agency and ready to accept a position elsewhere.


You get the freedom and flexibility to try workers out in your restaurant before committing to them for a long-term position.


What do you have to lose? Contact Innovative Labor & Staffing Agency today and find out more.