A business relies on the people it employs. Every business, however, has to manage churn rate. Employees leave for better positions at rival companies, explore new industries, discover personal reasons to part ways, or depart due to medical necessity.

Whatever the reason for losing your best staff members, it’s imperative as an owner, manager, or supervisor to fill the opening both quickly and with qualified personnel so business continues uninterrupted.

Using a temporary staffing agency will accomplish this task in record time while offering some of the best talent available. Here are some of the many benefits of going this route over conducting the hiring process firsthand.

Agencies Buy Back Your Time

In business, time is money. Your time has value and taking time away from your day-to-day responsibilities to undergo the lengthy hiring process only hurts the organization.

A qualified staffing agency removes this need from your workload. Not only do they offer quality work with minimal downtime, they also are able to conduct the hiring process on your behalf and solicit brand-new talent to hire at your company.

These two options are often sufficient for any employer, but there is still value if you’re planning to perform the hiring process personally anyway. Bringing in a temp while you create a job description, post it, review applications, conduct interviews, and check references guarantees the work continues uninterrupted while you designate real time to the lengthy and detailed hiring process.

Whatever your preference, you will have a solution by bringing in a temp.

Easy Onboarding

Once you identify the right candidate, it’s still a process to get the person on board. There are federal and state compliances and training that HR must demand lest you leave the business liable. Payroll must collect personal information and tax documents. Benefits must be administered.

It’s far from just inviting the individual into the workplace and letting them get going.

With a temp agency, you are not responsible for any of the above. You will pay the agency, but all training, compliances, payroll management, and benefits administration are handled by the agency.

It doesn’t get easier than that.

Risk Mitigation

Hiring a new staff member is inherently risky. Just like Forrest Gump said in the iconic movie quote, hiring is like a box of chocolates because “you never know what you’re going to get.”

The same applies if you’re using an agency, but the risks are mitigated. Instead of sticking it out with workers that don’t work well at your company, simply ask for a replacement and the agency will take care of it.

Normally, cutting ties with a new hire too soon opens you up to wrongful termination suits, EEOC complaints, or calls from the unemployment office regarding the circumstances of the employee’s departure.

Working with an agency guarantees you won’t have to deal with any of those pesky nuisances. The temp remains gainfully employed through the agency and you don’t have to float them along hoping they improve.

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