It seems like it would be so simple to maintain a full staff of qualified, capable individuals. Most managers would laugh at the assumption, however, knowing firsthand that a staff that shows up reliably and gets their work done drama-free is a rarity.

In reality, staff problems are prevalent in all businesses. Between absenteeism, employees taking time off for personal or medical reasons, and good old fashioned employee turnover, there’s always something to work around and there’s always an opening to fill.

A full staff of dedicated people is the dream, but will it ever come true?

Innovative Labor & Staffing Agency is the Solution

If you have openings you need filled immediately, Innovative Labor & Staffing Agency is the answer. Their agency staffs qualified candidates for businesses of all kinds, including retail, restaurants, healthcare, logistics, and warehousing to name just a few.

Whether you have an employee on an extended leave of absence, away on vacation, or gone forever after accepting a job elsewhere, you have the ability to fill the opening right away thanks to working with a high quality staffing agency.

Full-Time vs. Temporary– What’s Right for You?

However, before you can take advantage of the staffing services offered by Innovative Labor & Staffing Agency, it’s important to determine what type of coverage will work best for the open position and for your organization.

Full-time staffing is ideal for long term openings or permanent hiring. If your organization needs full-time coverage right away and can’t afford to undergo a long and expensive hiring process, full-time staffing services help you get the talent you need at work when you need it most.

On the other hand, full-time staffing isn’t always necessary. Employee vacations, leaves of absence with firm return dates, and industries like retail which see a seasonal spike in the volume of work and sales are all examples of situations where an additional full-time hire might be overkill.

That’s where temporary staffing plays a key role. You get the benefit of a fully hired worker but on an as needed basis. If your employee comes home from vacation in two weeks, you may bring aboard vacation coverage for only two weeks. If they are on a ten week maternity leave, bring someone on for ten weeks.

Temporary staffing solutions provide you the means to keep doing business uninhibited despite employee setbacks, absenteeism, and other staffing issues.

Try it Risk-Free

Another attractive feature of working with a staffing agency like Innovative Labor & Staffing Agency is that it mitigates risks associated with new hires. Typically, new hires have rights to protect their best interests. This is good on paper, but often detrimental to an employer who has assumed risk when making an offer to someone they know virtually nothing about.

For example, if a new hire doesn’t work out and is let go immediately, the recently fired employee may seek retribution and collect unemployment, some of which will be paid by the business. Wrongful termination suits, Union grievances, and EEOC complaints are other examples of headaches caused by traditional hiring practices that don’t work out.

Hiring through an agency like Innovative Labor & Staffing Agency mitigates this risk. Instead of worrying about the blowback, simply call the agency and request a different temp. The one that does not work out for your organization returns to the talent pool and is assigned somewhere else. This way, they remain gainfully employed and you’re not saddled with someone who isn’t working out for your business. Classic win-win.

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