Logistics companies demand a lot from their workers. There are many moving parts to the operation, and everyone aboard needs to give 100% for success to be realized by the company.

Unfortunately, that’s hard to do when you’re working with less than a full staff. Whether your employees are out on leave, moved onto bigger, better things, or flaked off after an unimpressive stint with your company, you need viable replacements to keep the business moving forward.

Innovative Labor & Staffing Agency is the Solution

Don’t squander precious time trying to handle the hiring yourself. It’s an involved process that takes you away from other responsibilities you can’t afford to shirk.

Leave the hiring to the pros and call Innovative Labor & Staffing Agency to handle your staffing needs instead. They offer high-quality candidates with previous experience in logistics to help you continue to move forward and enjoy excellent results.

Whether you need full-time or temporary employees, the agency has your needs covered.

Unbeatable Speed and Convenience

The problem with traditional hiring processes is it takes too long. While you meticulously prepare a thorough job description and wait for viable candidates to apply, your team is operating understaffed. This hurts productivity, decreases employee morale, and, if left unchecked, could create even more unexpected openings as employees decide to take their skills elsewhere.

This compounds the problem and, before long, you’re doing even worse than you anticipated.

Hiring through an agency fast-tracks the process, bringing in top-tier talent in a fraction of the time the traditional route takes. Enjoy excellent workers immediately, so your productivity and team morale remain high at all times.

Mitigate Risk

Another problem with traditional hiring is the risks involved with your new hire. It takes loads of time and resources getting them through the door and onboarded. HR and Payroll have their work cut out for them, as you need to be sure everything is square with state and federal compliances, taxes and benefits administration, and more.

After all this work goes into the hire, imagine the frustration when the worker proves less than capable or simply flakes off. Many employers string along subpar workers out of fear of paying unemployment, facing a wrongful termination suit, receiving an EEOC complaint, or dealing with a disgruntled Union rep.

Hiring through an agency mitigates this risk completely. The workers arrive ready to work, as the agency has already handled Payroll and HR related tasks. In addition, you’re not saddled with anyone long-term. You retain the freedom to let a temp go at any time and ask for a more suitable replacement without fear of repercussion.

It’s a win-win.

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