Retail is an unforgiving industry as it is, but retail managers get a real tough go of it. Every year they must manage the high churn rates for employees, high volume seasons where extra stress and strain is place on the entire team, and overlapping vacations that, despite any detailed vacation policy, are always thrown together last minute, labeled as “an emergency”, leaving the store short staffed and everyone in there disgruntled and overworked.

Upper management and the ownership might try vetting some extra hands on the fly, but it’s often hard to get willing workers with the right skills in the door at the most crucial time. Instead of helping with the workload, the managers and other employees actually become hindered by the newcomers, having to stop and train when there’s simply too much to do around the store to get the job done right.

There has to be a better way.

Temporary Staffing Services by Innovative Labor & Staffing Agency

Make the change now and contact Innovative Labor & Staffing Agency. Innovative offers temporary staffing services for retail stores that provides a retail establishment with qualified labor during times when it’s needed most.

Are the holidays rapidly approaching and you need your best salespeople on the sales floor instead of staying stuck to a register? Hire some temps through Innovative Labor & Staffing Agency and let them process transactions at the register while your longtime workers man the floor and sell, sell, sell.

Are your workers on the verge of a walkout, tired of asking to do OT every week because of the short staffedness issue? Hire some temps through Innovative Labor & Staffing Agency and let them provide coverage so your best people can enjoy some hard-earned days off.

Did you lose some of your best workers recently? Don’t push your people to the brink while you take your time finding a suitable replacement. Get in some temps today and let everyone know that the schedule will not be affected by this curveball.

You’re the management. You’re on top of this!

Benefits of Temporary Staffing

Eventually, you’ll want new permanent hires, as an organization is only as good as its people. This is a lengthy process, however, and could take weeks or months to get the right people onboarded.

Temporary staff provide you with a number of benefits from the jump. You get a qualified retail worker immediately or near immediately. You don’t have to waste loads of time with training because they will already be familiar with most or all retail functions.

In addition, you don’t need to do any compliance, insurance, or benefits administration for your temps. All of this is done by Innovative Labor & Staffing Agency before the temp even walks through the door. That means you can get them to work right away instead of holding them back to undergo mandatory seminars and compliance presentations.

There are loads of benefits to temporary staffing. Contact Innovative Labor & Staffing Agency now and find out how they will help you today!