Customer Service Staffing

Poor customer service from call centers is so prevalent that customers expect it each time they call, even if they’re only looking to have a simple inquiry answered. Long hold times and underqualified service reps are all too common in the industry.

Call center operators to understand that these issues are a symptom of staff shortages and inadequate coverage. Working with a great staffing agency offers an immediate solution to the problem.

What is a customer service staffing agency?

A customer service staffing agency offers immediate coverage for call centers and other customer service-oriented operations. Agencies pre-qualify their candidates to ensure each has applicable skills and experience to further guarantee their success in a customer service role.

Working with agencies streamlines and simplifies the process for businesses so they don’t need to waste time or manpower searching for the solution personally.

What is our staffing process for the customer service industry?

Customer service candidates must exhibit certain personality traits that will contribute to their success in the challenging environment that customer service offers. A great service rep must be well-spoken, knowledgeable regarding the business’ products or services, informative, tactful, and patient above all else.

A great staffing agency knows that a customer service rep working at a customer service must be equal parts capable and courteous. After all, the customer experience relies on their ability to provide solutions to inquiries while maintaining a friendly demeanor at all times.

What are some benefits to using our staffing agency for the customer service industry?

Using a staffing agency fast-tracks the process of hiring for a customer service or other organization. Instead of undergoing the painstaking process of preparing a job description, posting it to various boards, reviewing applicants, conducting interviews, and checking references, the agency has already completed these essential steps.

This buys back your time for other equally important tasks you normally handle during your day-to-day. Don’t lose time reinventing the wheel when the best staffing agencies in your area already have it done on your behalf.

Why would customer service companies use a staffing agency?

Customer service that needs great workers immediately will benefit immensely from delegating the hiring responsibility to a staffing agency.

Not only does it guarantee great workers in considerably less time than it would take otherwise, it also mitigates risk. Normally, parting ways with workers that are not working out opens a business up to wrongful termination suits or EEOC complaints. Using an agency eliminates this possibility, giving you freedom to “try before you buy.”

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