Full-Time Staffing

Innovative Labor and Cleaning Services has been providing the Cincinnati area with workers since 2016. Our full-time staffing model is a cost-effective way for companies who need a team on site for the long term. 

Our staffing agency provides workers to fill positions for employers. Typically, staffing agencies will have employees for all types of jobs and industries, so you can easily find someone with the expertise to handle any position.

What is a full-time staffing agency?

A full-time staffing agency is a company that provides full-time workers to other companies. The workers remain employees for the agency but carry out their duties at the client’s location. They are experts in recruiting workers from various industries, from cleaning personnel to warehouse workers.

What industries do you provide staffing for?

We provide staffing for a variety of industries, including manufacturing, warehousing, cleaning, construction, debris removal, and maintenance.

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What is the difference between a temporary staffing agency and a full-time one?

The difference between a temporary staffing agency and a full-time staffing agency is that a temporary staffing agency provides workers for a specific project or assignment, while a full-time staffing agency provides workers for a long-term position.

A full-time staffing agency typically has a larger pool of workers to choose from, since it is not limited to workers who are available for a specific project or assignment. This can be an advantage for employers who are looking for long-term employees.

What are some pros and cons of full-time staffing?

There are pros and cons to using a full-time staffing agency. On the plus side, these agencies can help companies quickly and easily fill vacant positions. They can provide screening and interviewing services.

Some pros of using a full-time staffing agency include:
-The ability to quickly and easily fill a vacant position
-A large pool of potential employees to choose from
-Screening and interviewing services

Some cons of using a full-time staffing agency include:
-The agency may not have the best employees for the specific job opening
-The agency may be expensive
-The company may not have control over the employees once they are hired

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How long does the staffing process usually take?

The time that it takes to fill a position varies greatly depending on the situation. The staffing agency process begins with the staffing agency finding a worker with the skills to match a job opening. The staffing agency then interviews the worker and determines if the worker is interested in the job. If the worker is hired, the staffing agency assists the worker in transferring their skills to the new job. In many cases, the worker will remain an employee of the agency and carry out the work at client locations.

The client gets to benefit from the new staff members’ skills but is not burdened by being the actual employer. The staffing agency is the employer.

To learn more about our full-time staffing services, give us a call at 513-818-8008
or email at innovativeclean1@gmail.com

We service the following areas:

  • Cincinnati, OH
  • West Chester, OH
  • Fairfield, OH
  • Mason, OH
  • Independence, KY

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