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Why partner with ILSA as your provider?

If you need Manufacturing, Logistics, Packing, Labor, & Cleaning Services in a hurry, you can count on us!

We Are A Second Chance Employer

We work with our community to provide those formerly incarcerated with a second chance at life.


Serving Ross County: Cincinnati, West Chester, Mason, Milford, Fairfield, Loveland, Hamilton, Middleton, Saint Bernard and Beyond


Innovative Labor and Cleaning provides full-time staffing solutions that save you time and money on the hiring process.

Why waste time working through hundreds of duds in search of the perfect candidate when Innovative Labor and Cleaning has already done the heavy lifting for you?

Innovative Labor and Cleaning’s talent pool is vast and varied with exceptional candidates in numerous industries. Employers in construction, healthcare, logistics, customer service, manufacturing, retail, landscaping, restaurants, and more will find great candidates that are both qualified and experienced in the specific field.

Choosing Innovative Labor and Cleaning guarantees you great talent and fast. When you need openings filled and you can’t afford to operate short-staffed, simply call Innovative Labor and Cleaning and let them handle the rest!


Innovative Labor and Cleaning is available for temporary staffing purposes as well.

Do you prefer to have the final say on all hires but simply don’t have the time to undergo the lengthy hiring process without someone filling in the schedule gaps? Innovative Labor and Cleaning can help! Bringing in a temporary worker while your hiring team vets, interviews, and screens candidates allows you the luxury of remaining discerning instead of hiring the first decent candidate just to fill the opening.

Temporary staffing solutions are also ideal for vacation coverage, leaves of absence, employees on disability, worker’s compensation, paid family leaves, and more.


Contractors rejoice! Innovative Labor and Cleaning has an incredible crew available for both full-time and temporary staffing purposes. If you’re in need of an extra pair of hands at the site or perhaps even several pairs, Innovative Labor and Cleaning has someone just for you!

Innovative Labor and Cleaning’s candidates boast expertise and certifications in various specialties. Whether your best worker was just injured on the job, or you simply need another person to help keep the site clean and in compliance, Innovative Labor and Cleaning has you covered!


Innovative Labor and Cleaning’s talent pool extends into the healthcare industry as well. Our candidates are well-versed in the industry and are available to fill openings of all kinds.

Folks in the healthcare industry know firsthand that times are tough, and we need all the hands we can get on deck to make sure patients are receiving care in a timely manner from quality professionals. Our temporary staff helps facilitate that mission, ensuring patients are checked in, addressed and directed accordingly while your doctors and nurses do what they do best.


A lot can go wrong in the logistics business. From receiving to storing to shipping, it requires the skills and concentration of many to make sure nothing gets lost in the shuffle. If you want to keep the inventory straight and ensure the distribution and fulfillment are going off without a hitch, you’ll need skilled and qualified staff to oversee each aspect.

Innovative Labor and Cleaning’s logistics staff is well-versed in what it takes to guarantee inventory is processed and handled appropriately. With our staff aboard, your warehouses, distribution centers, and more will flourish. You may even post your best performance yet!


It takes a special kind of person to excel in the cutthroat customer service industry. A great candidate needs knowledge to accurately represent what a company is capable of providing in terms of goods or services, but also they need tact to communicate without angering or upsetting the customer in the process. Beyond these traits, a customer service representative also needs patience in spades, as some customers will seriously try that patience every day!

Innovative Labor and Cleaning’s customer service staff knows what it takes to provide excellent customer service, and that’s why they’ll thrive in any environment that requires regular interaction with the customer or client.


You’ll need all hands on deck to ensure your product is processed properly and it’s moving efficiently into boxes and out the door to the hands of customers. This is especially important during peak seasons like the holidays when demand ramps big time and your regular staff looks for a holiday to unwind.

How are you expected to meet a huge flux of customer demand when the workers are ready to take a holiday?

That’s where Innovative Labor and Cleaning’s manufacturing staff comes in. Fill in gaps temporarily or buff the coverage with some seasonal temps to ensure all projections are met and you don’t lose sales by any fault of your own team.

With Innovative Labor and Cleaning, you will get it done!


Whether you just lost your best salespeople, need a cashier or two to help move customers through the transactions and out the door, or simply need to buff coverage to manage the busy seasons of your store, Innovative Labor and Cleaning is here to help!

Innovative Labor and Cleaning’s retail store staff is experienced in the most common retail store functions including operating a cash register and POS system, stocking shelves, receiving inventory from shipments and deliveries, and always offering excellent customer service.

Your customers will be so pleased with the staff Innovative Labor and Cleaning provides to your retail store, you may wind up calling Innovative Labor and Cleaning and asking to hire them full-time immediately!


Landscaping is hard work. You need a team of hard workers to get the most basic jobs done when it comes to maintaining grounds, but you’ll want some real professionals if you want to take a well-manicured lawn and grounds and really spruce things up with flowerbeds, decorative accents, and other features that really class up the joint!

Innovative Labor and Cleaning’s landscaping staff has a green thumb through and through. Their team of workers will add immediate value to your landscaping operation by bringing their skills, expertise, experience, and more.

They’re capable of adding a little special something to what your landscaping services include or, at the very least, just helping your existing team get the job done with less hassle!


Order up!

Things move fast in the restaurant industry and, unfortunately, sometimes the staff moves fast too to go right out the door! How are you expected to put hot food in front of people when your best staff keeps disappearing?

Innovative Labor and Cleaning has a solution for you. Their restaurant staff can seat and serve like the pros they are. Some of them are even acquainted with kitchen skills like prep work, short-order cooking, and more.

Whether your staff keeps flaking off or you simply need extra servers to manage a sudden flux of business, Innovative Labor and Cleaning has you covered!

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